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Radiant Barriers | Birmingham Alabama

Why Radiant Barriers are Important Radiant barriers are essential for Alabama attics because they maximize the efficiency of your attic insulation by providing a barrier from the radiant heat projected by the sun. Heat penetrates buildings in three ways: conduction, convection and radiation.
Radiant barriers are essential for Alabama attics
Radiation is the transfer of heat by electromagnetic waves known as thermal radiation. Thermal radiation is a form of invisible light that travels through the air from a warm to a cool surface.

Warm surfaces, such as roof decks warmed by the sun, will radiate or emit their heat to cooler interior building surfaces. Radiant barriers address heat flows by radiation. A radiant barrier is a low-e surface placed in the path of thermal radiation that blocks heat transfer.

Our Approach
We offer several radiant barrier options to our customers which include very effective spray-on products called HeatBLOC-75 and HeatBLOC-Ultra, produced by STS Coatings, Inc. HeatBLOC-75 reflects 75% of the radiant heat trying to enter your home, and will normally save 8-12% on your air conditioning costs.

HeatBLOC-Ultra is the latest spray-on radiant barrier manufactured by STS Coatings, Inc., and it has the lowest e-factor of all spray-on radiant barriers at .19. HeatBLOC-Ultra blocks 81% of the radiant heat trying to enter your home.

The foil-type radiant barrier that we use is called Super R Plus, manufactured by Innovative Insulation, Inc., which reflects up to 97% of all radiant heat. It is very effective and is made from the same material that keeps NASA astronauts from losing their body heat in the intense elements of space.
How Radiant Barriers Work
  • Low emissivity, high reflectivity
  • Permeable, does not trap moisture
  • Easily installed using standard airless or air atomization spray equipment or rollers
  • Does not block cellular or antennae signals as can occur with foil products
  • One operator can easily install 1000 ft.²/hour using a spray rig
  • Excellent investment, normally saves 10 - 15% of AC costs, improves comfort levels
  • Improves efficiency of existing insulation
  • Only economical way to retrofit radiant barrier to existing structures
  • Increase the value of your home
  Super R Plus™ Foil Radiant Barrier Super R Plus™ brand radiant barrier has been designed to be used for new or retrofit (industrial grade) applications. It can be wrapped around a structure, just under the brick or outer material. It can be placed over the rafters just before roofing materials are applied, or stapled to the roof rafters inside of the attic. It is also beneficial for radiant heat flooring, commercial, industrial, and OEM's when a stronger grade is needed.
Super R Plus™ Foil Radiant Barrier
Key Benefits

  • Meets new ASTM E84 and E2599 fire code
  • Clean, Lightweight, Very Strong
  • Saves Money and Energy
  • Non-toxic/Non-carcinogenic
  • Easy to handle
  • Installation requires no special tools or clothing
  • Does not promote the growth of fungi or bacteria
  • Provides no nest support for rodent or insect pests
  • Requires no maintenance
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